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About us

The Friends of Bourne was established to advance the education of all pupils at the Bourne Community College by providing the best resources and improving facilities at the college.

The 2019 high profile “Worthless” campaign by the West Sussex Head Teachers has highlighted the limited budget that schools are receiving.

Whilst not affecting the day to day running of the college, they have limited financial aid reducing the ability to provide modern technology and equipment for the children.

Friends of Bourne have recently launched their “STEAM campaign”. Alongside other key topics, we focus on five important areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. We are focused on providing the essential resources for these crucial areas. The resources inspire the children to develop their individual skills and release new potential. Our charity is focused on supporting the school and creating a positive overall educational experience.

The Friends of Bourne


Bourne Community College is a coeducational, secondary School in Southbourne, West Sussex. The school was opened on 10th January 1956.

Today, we are very proud of our strong heritage and long standing connection with the local community. The school has a large catchment area including rural villages, suburban towns, and many children from Thorney Island Military Barracks. The school is in high demand with just one other secondary school within a five mile radius.
To maintain a high level of success, we have only 180 student places in each year group. This leads to a strong sense of community and allows us to cater for each of our students as individuals. We work hard to ensure they all make outstanding progress, academically and personally, to build on their self-confidence and self-belief and to develop their talents to the full.

We have key values that respect the charter of the UNICEF rights of the Child and our Bourne ID mirrors this. We gained GOLD status as a rights respecting School and are building on this great achievement. We are proud to operate a dedicated “STEAM” project focusing on Science, Technology, Engineer, Art and Mathematics. As we progress, we are keen to improve our facilities to allow our children the opportunity to use advanced equipment and technology.

Rights respecting school

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Tel: 01243 375691


Address: Park Road, Southbourne, West Sussex, PO10 8PJ