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library appeal

The school has a large library that is used by the children for lessons, study time and reflection.

Although the school gain government funding for some books, this is very limited and they desperately require new books. The Friends of Bourne are raising funds for new books to be used in the school library.

The new reading material and a suitable book stand will cost £500.

The school library operate a new online book reservation service which has proved very popular with the children.


Ebglish Department

supporting science

We are keen to raise funds for new Science equipment. The crucial resources are used for experiments throughout every year group.



Microscopes X15 £2,375

Power Packs X15 £2,224

Balances – 2 decimal places X10 £2120

Bench Timers X30 £481.50

Digital Thermometers (hand held) X 15 £299.85


Total: £7,500

grassroots rugby

The Friends of Bourne are raising funds to purchase the following equipment:

  • Rugby post protectors.
  • Rugby rucking shield.
  • Rugby tackle bags.
  • Protective equipment such as mouth guards.

Total: £1,800

This equipment will allow the children to start playing games and participate in local matches with other schools and within the community.

Who needs the equipment

The equipment will be used by all 795 children aged between 11 – 16 years old at Bourne Community College, Southbourne, Sussex.

Why do you need the equipment

The school do not have the equipment to allow the children to play. The existing post protectors have now fallen apart and cannot be used, this means that the children cannot play due to safety reasons. The tackle bags and shields will be used for the younger children to reduce contact with other players.

Why do you not have funding for these items

The school has a very limited budget and therefore cannot purchase these items.